Venus Factor Review – Does The Venus Factor Really Work?

- September 1, 2016



Venus Factor Diet has been invented by diet and fitness expert John Barban, specifically for women that are looking to shift excess weight and typically have been on the diet treadmill for years with no long-term success.

Venus Factor consists of a workout manual which extends till twelve weeks and covers different phases. It contains easy to perform exercises which stimulate the activity of fat-burning enzymes. The hormone leptin also stimulates these enzymes which can increase a woman’s metabolic rate even when they are not exercising. This is important,¬†because, for most women, the resting metabolic rate accounts for two-thirds of the total number of calories they burn every single day.

According to John Barban, these exercises will work wonders for women’s belly, inner thighs, hips and shoulders, plus the manual also contains tips on how to add them into women’s daily workout routine. Some of these exercises are focused on lifting weights and some of them are based on cardiovascular exercises. These exercises work the whole body, burning a considerable amount of calories as well as sculpting the inner thighs.

Venus Factor is a fabulous program that offers a lot of common sense and is a fast track to a better metabolism and a more toned body

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  • The venus factor was the best weight loss program for me! I can't believe how fast I lose weight by just exactly following what I signed for. I'm really happy about this weight loss program.

    Gloria Washington - 13 months ago

  • Thank you very much for your honest review of venus factor

    Serena Miller - 13 months ago

  • Nice review. thank you

    Gabriela Johnson - 13 months ago

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